Sunday, February 3, 2008


Springvale was wonderful; luscious in the wet season with the billabong full and virtually empty being the end of school holidays. The resident roos and guinea fowl were pretty disinterested in us. We cooked our feast of snags in bread and shared a bottle of Moet thanks to Paul Van, which to me was a perfect birthday dinner. The spring water pool was perfect for a late night swim and we slept so soundly.


McMom&Dad said...

This replying thing is confusing!!! You may get two messages from us or none depending on whether or not I did ANY of the sign up stuff correcetly.
Just in case you didn't get the other message, here it is again........

Happy Birthday, again, and late. For us foreigners, can you translate "snags in bread" please? Right now I'm thinking that it doesn't sounf very eatible.
We pray nightly for safe travels for you.
Love & God's Blessings,
Mc Mom & Dad

Kelly and Glenda said...

A 'snag in bread' is going to be a bbq sausage in a piece of bread, usually with tomato sauce, aka ketchup. I reckon I am getting all your messages/posts, and thanks for the birthday greetings.
lotsa love