Sunday, February 3, 2008

Into Western Australia – Day 2

No rushing required. A couple of purchases were made including new thongs for me, and then we set off on the Victoria Highway towards Kununurra. Perhaps because we stayed at the historic Springvale homestead, or maybe it was the Durack monument we passed, but I couldn’t help thinking of the pioneering white families who ventured into the north and northwest; how rugged and beautiful their experiences must have been, shaped by that country. I thought also of the traditional owners, many of whom became stockmen and have stayed with their traditional lands through big changes.

It was a relatively easy drive to Kununurra. The cabin we stayed in was right on Lake Kununurra, full of fresh water crocs with the tree tops reaching up through the water like wooden fingertips, since the man made lake was created. The steamy heat was relieved slightly by a windy afternoon thunderstorm. Kelly liked the town and could see us living there, as long as he could work in the air-conditioning until April and go fishing at every possibility. The manager of the caravan park was trying to tell us the amazing dimensions of Lake Argyle nearby, but having just come from the dentist and root canal work, he seemed rather confused.

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