Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Monkey Mia – Day 10 (mainly by Kelly)

This day was magical. We left Denham for the top tourist destination Monkey Mia. I think we were both a bit apprehensive as this is a “must do” on the tourist trail. Many of these must dos turn out to be an opportunity to gouge tourists. Monkey is a pretty little resort in a national park famous for a dolphin population that is very comfortable around bi-peds. We got there a bit late but just in time for the third and final of the daily congregations. As you wade out knee deep, the parents doze and drift lazily in the surf around you while the young dolphins play rambunctiously; just like kids are supposed to do. I can write about it, but I can never do real justice to the mystical experience of sharing their world. Visit this place and do it when the tourists are not there.

I should make a mention of the goats. Goats are everywhere from Carnarvon south to the Denham turnoff. As we wandered across the expanse between the far and few irrigated oases I thought…hmmm…goats…they’ll eat this crap! Turns out I was right. Early settlers introduced goats, a few got loose, ate everything and have choked out native species. They’re a pest, but that expanse of scrub between Carnarvon and Overlander Roadhouse would be porn to an Afghan goatherd. My solution: hire a team of Morracans or other goat loving peoples to round up the feral pests and ship them to somewhere where they are the native species. Goats are happy, goat herders are happy and Australian native fauna are happy.

(Glenda) The drive south turned out to be more than we intended. We were hoping to wild camp off the road, but each suitable spot turned out to be the driveway to someone’s weekend retreat. We ended up in Thirsty Point aka Cervantes, with a lovely spot at the local van park right on the beach. I really appreciate it when there are big old trees in these parks.

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