Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cervantes – Day 11 (by Glenda)

Initially disappointed to be in a caravan park again, we quickly changed our attitude when we realised that this tree lived haven was right on the beach, the peaceful little beach. From twilight people stand and fish right off the beach, or off one of the tree piers. Lobster is also abundant around Cervantes, and on the way down here Kelly bought himself one to cook up as an appetiser.

The next day was very relaxing. We both got to do some exercise on the beach, which is a treat after long drives in the van. After that there was a cup of tea break, and again after a shower, and again after a walk to the general store. The demanding schedule continued after lunch when we both sat in the shade reading great books. Kelly is into my all time favourite, ‘Cloud Street’ by Tim Winton and I am reading what I still think is still Sinead’s favourite, ‘Everything is Illuminated’ by Jonathon Safran Foer. Delicious.

Once again, Kelly proved to be a great tour guide for my country, knowing that we should go and check out the Pinnacles at sunset, some rock formation. Yeah, yeah. Australia’s big on big rocks and I’ve lived next to the biggest of them all for 24 years. However, there is no denying that the Pinnacles is way cool. Hundreds of sandstone pinnacles on dunes for as far as you can see, with a distinctive Stonehenge feel. Kelly had seen a show where Scottish comedian Billy Connelly danced naked through these Pinnacles, and I can see the attraction. Unfortunately we were restricted by the tourists around, particularly small children who don’t need that sort of thing.

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