Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Albany (Day 23)

We spent a lovely few days between Jo and Randall’s block, Cosy Corner beach and Albany.

Albany is such a friendly city, the same size as Alice (28,000). It really has it all. Beaches, fishing, forests close by, great farm country for pretty much anything; live stock, wheat, fruit and vegies including things hard to grow in most parts of Australia due to the climate like asparagus and berries. The people are very friendly, and we sussed out a pub to hear some local music. It was the Earl of Spencer, a well renovated, historic pub. ‘Big Men Working’ was the local cover band, and I’m guessing it was a music teacher and two of his prodigies. They played great classic rock, mostly Australian. I was happy to be a wall flower for a while and do some more people watching, but the locals jumped on the dance floor within the first few bars, and their energy was infectious. There were business men in office shirts, one of them jumping like a pogo stick, a girls group in their thirties/forties cutting lose – the one who looked like their boss was acting out the words of every song as her signature dance, a couple of older couples doing trwirly dancing, some young folks, a pretty lady dancing with her daughter and Mum … Our favourite was a bloke who looked about our age, neatly combed mullet with flecks of grey, wearing his good jeans and best t shirt, dancing on his own and just loving the music. We had him pegged as a fisherman, and both wanted to catch his eye so we could strike up a conversation but he was polite and private, just there for the music. It was a great night. We were inspired. We’re getting the band back together.

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