Monday, February 18, 2008

Borinup Forest – Day 17

National Park camping has a few benefits over commercial caravan parks. First the camp areas are much nicer and much bigger. But they also are great at helping us keep our budget under control.

This in mind, we had our eyes on another national park spot a few kms down the road in Borinup Forest. Borinup Forest is home to vast stands of native karri trees that grow to over 120 feet (my guesstimate.) They looked quite majestic and when you seen them in these vast stands, and you wonder how anybody ever got the nerve to cut any of them down. I know that there was a need for timber and farmland, but with their awe-inspiring natural beauty, it would’ve been a painful decision to have to alter the setting in any way.

The campground was on the edge of the forest and we were lucky enough to be the only people there. Our water was getting low and we were stinking from three days between showers, so we also learned how to take a full body bath out of a bucket with 3 inches of water in it. During this experiment, we were again grateful to be the only people in the campground.

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