Sunday, February 3, 2008

Eighty Mile Beach and Chub – Day 4

I love the multi-cultural look of Broome; the Asian, Aboriginal and white families are mingled and friendly, reminding me of the Darwin of my childhood. That’s what I noticed in Woolie's as we made a few purchases before setting off down the Great Northern Highway. Getting pretty sick of sitting in the van for a whole day (much as we love you, Gypsy!) we weren’t sure whether we would get all the way to Cathy (Chub) and Aaron’s place or stop half way at the enticingly name Eighty Mile Beach.

Some people stick it out in very inhospitable environments, and the people at Sandfire surely fit into that category. Sandfire is a petrol stop and caravan park close to Eighty Mile Beach, but not close enough in my opinion. In the middle of the Great Sandy Desert, the dark orange ground bakes in the heat, although there are some big established trees. It’s just so hot (felt like 45C, 90 % humidity) and since the petrol station and shop burnt down last year the managers have been working out of a demountable. Each to their own I suppose. I’m certainly glad they were there because we would have run out of petrol otherwise.

Eighty Mile beach is very beautiful and we couldn’t resist having a swim. In the shallow waters, it felt rather like swimming in a very salty cup of tea. Kelly stepped on something, maybe a sting ray? As the last air-conditioned cabin had just been rented, we decided against waiting for what would no doubt have been a wonderful western sunset on a vast and perfect beach. Instead we pushed on a got to Port Hedland by 6pm, with Cathy, Aaron and Emma waiting for us out the front. Yipee! It was just so great to see them, their beautiful big house and especially their swimming pool where we happily risked turning into human prunes.


Anonymous said...

You two look and sound like you are having a great time. You are living a dream of mine, to tour the Land Down Under. ENJOY!!!

Montana Mick said...

I just tried to leave a comment and it came out as anonomous. A techy I am not. I will try again. Have fun.
from Mick

McMom&Dad said...

Please share pictures of Cathy and family. Give her my love and congratulations on her family. We look forward to keeping up with all the goings-on.
If you like, we could send you a bit of cool air. But, we sould want to trade of snow. Our river is the lowest I have evr seen it and that is scary to me.
Love you tons.......
God's Blessings