Friday, March 28, 2008

The Snowy Mountains

We were both in the mood for some big trees and mountains. Looking at the map, the obvious decision was to head towards New South Wales and Kosciusko National Park. This is one of the very few areas of Alpine country in Australia, with ski resorts, but we are here in Autumn. The first evening out of Echuca was spent in a town called Corryong, still in Victoria. It turned out that the owners were ex Alice Springs people, so of course I taught their daughters and knew pretty much everyone they used to know. Corryong is also the home of the legendary ‘Man From Snowy River’ aka Jack Riley. Riley’s skill on a horse was immortalised in verse by Banjo Patterson after the poet visited the area and heard how Riley rode down a cliff face to recapture a thoroughbred horse that had run off with a herd of brumbies (wild horses). We visited the little museum, run the local historical society. Cute.

The next day we knew it would be a slowish drive along the winding mountain road crossing babbling mountain creeks. Welcome rain cooled the countryside and low clouds hung thickly on the mountains. It was a beautiful drive. We stopped in Jindabyne and got a little cabin by the lake and waited out the rain.

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