Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Ocean Road

A few more tears were shed saying goodbye to brother Andrew and sister in law Kir. Mum and I had already said goodbye in Alice, but that didn’t make the reprise easy. We didn’t get away from Adelaide till after lunch, and made it to the town of Keith for the night, a small farming community. Kelly cooked me a wonderful chicken fricassee and the evening was pleasantly quiet.

The next day took us into the state of Victoria, and we headed for the Great Ocean Road tourist drive. This is a winding, wonderful stretch of road along a wild coast boasting a number of magnificent rock formations and blow holes. One of them is called London Bridge because it originally looked like its namesake with two rock arches spanning into the ocean on pillars of rock. On 15 January 1990 one of the arches collapsed leaving two people stranded on the remaining section until a helicopter rescued them. Imagine watching the coast line turn into an island underneath you! Luckily no-one was injured. We had heard a couple of the famed Twelve Apostles had also crumbled into the ocean and I was expecting them to be more like the Seven Dwarves, but they were still vast and majestic. Well worth the visit.

Some of you may know that I (Glenda) have had a shameless addiction to an Aussie tv series called Sea Change. Well, Barwon Heads was a pilgrimage for me as the home of Sea Change and I had to get a photo in front of Diver Dan’s shack and the Pearl Bay bridge.

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