Friday, March 14, 2008

Back to the Alice (March 7-8)

On Friday we went up to Adelaide and caught a plane to Alice Springs for one last hurrah. Our main purpose for the trip was for Glenda to receive her “Tribute to Territory Women” award on International Women’s Day, for her long standing service to education, youth arts and the interfaith community. Following the ceremony I had several death threats levied against me for having the audacity to take her away from the NT. Even though it’s not really home for us anymore, it was comforting to feel how much Alice still feels like home. I hope it’s like that every time we visit. While there, we learned but some news came from Tony and Dee. Tony landed a cushy government job in Yakima Washington, so they’ll be neighbours again soon.

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Anonymous said...


What a wonderful trip it appears you are having. Too bad a side trip to Northern Japan wasn't part of the itinerary. Hope to see you in the states! We leave Misawa on 5 June for Alabama (again!).

Brian and Jenny