Friday, March 14, 2008

And Back to Adelaide…Aldinga Beach (March 9-11)

When we got back to Adelaide, we were a bit at a loss for what to do. Our plans to catch up with Josh and Char at the World Music festival fell flat when we learned that it was a sell out. We could’ve went to see the NAB cup final, which is the preseason Aussie football tournament, and check out St Kilda playing againt the locals (Adelaide Crows) for the trophy, or even go to the Glendi festival and eat Greek food and do out best Zorbaesque dancing. But the whirlwind of the previous couple of days made a night at home seem much more inviting. We were able to watch the NAB cup though and to our delite and my nephew Zach’s chagrine, the Saints came away with the trophy and a $400k juice to start the season.

Sunday was spent wandering around the Barossa wine country with Squeaky and Darren. Darren offered to chauffer, which left the rest of us responsible for the quaffing.

We ended this leg of the trip with another day at the beach with Andrew’s mob and friends Josh and Char.

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