Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Come Inside

This blog is a photographic tour of our home so far, and mainly for the benefit of Mum and Cathy who need to be able to visualise where I am in order to feel at ease. Sorry if it is boring for others, but the Sanderson girls need their images.

The lounge room is eventually going to be an enlivening shade of orange, we think.

Our little dining room (but I love it!) Notice the Cait Wait art work, so I can always see the beautiful country of Central Australia, the Western Macs and Mount Sonder.

Our bedroom ...

This bathroom is between our bedroom and the office. I'm impressed at the efficient use of space they had in the 1950s when they built these houses. They could fit everything you needed in a bathroom (just) in less than 3 square metres.

The kitchen is a good size and recently renovated.

This is the other end of the kitchen. You can go out to the garage on the right, or left and down the stairs to the basement.

The basement, complete with wood panelling, but it is the real thing (knotted pine) rather than the fake stuff.

Casey's Pad

Sinead's room, when she is home, also available for visitors much of the time.

Another little bathroom downstairs

There is a second kitchen downstairs which is also the laundry. Very seventies decor, but it's handy to have the extra storage space.

Kelly put up a clothes line for me. I'm taking Aunty Glen's advice and trying to get others enthused about leaving the clothes dryers off, but there's not much success. Some are allergic to the pollens etc and most people find their clothes too scratchy when they are line dried. I think the convenience of throwing clothes into the adjacent machine is also a comfortable habit.

Even though it is in need of some paint and maintenance, the deck is already a lovely place to be. We are using the 'grill' (bbq) often :)

The garden. Kelly turned the horse shoe pit into a vegie garden. You can see the corn and tomatoes here. The lovely long summer days make a great growing season. Yum! The grass is getting some extra help too. Kelly has set up a compost bin and made use of the abundant poo courtesy of the many local horse enthusiasts.

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the Campfollower said...

HI Glenda! Your blog looks great. And so does your home. I am happy you see your wonderful painting up behind the sofa. Dee told me about your blog at one of Bradshaw's Ladies night out. We miss you.