Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home?

When school broke up in early June, Kelly and I only waited a weekend before jumping on a plane and heading 'home' to Oz. He stayed for two weeks and I stayed four. We packed it in on our first return visit: Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Adelaide/Aldinga and Alice Springs. Then Kelly had to get back to work, but I pushed on with Freemantle to catch up with Cathy et al, Adelaide again, Sydney and Gosford. I wasn't very systematic or organised with photography, but here is a selection.

Assorted Murphies in Rye

Vic and I squinting into the winter sun

Kelly on one of our wonderful beach walks at Aldinga

My country

Lhere Mbantua - my beautiful river

Mia (right) sitting in the 'star' at her pre-school graduation

Emma cons Mizzi out of another ride on the merry go round

playing with Emma's new ABC puzzle

BFFs on the ferry in Sydney

I saw as many people as we could fit in, I followed the nasal twang of Kath n Kim around supermarkets just to revel in the accent, I ate Arnott's bisuits and fish n chips, watched SBS and the ABC, wallowed in the love of family and life long friends ... I enjoyed the homeness of home. Still, when Kelly had to come back to Montana, I missed him, and returning to our little place on Yellowstone Avenue was just as exciting as landing in Australia. So I guess this trip really reinforced that we are blessed to have two homes, but mainly that home is Kelly.

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