Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's beautiful, warm, vibrant spring in Montana, and this will be my last post before Kelly and I come 'home' to Australia for a visit. Easter makes so much more sense in the northern hemisphere. Just to prove it, check out Kelly's new buddy who lives in our back yard.

People get really excited about being outside and planting. All around the neighbourhood there are splashes of colour and happy gardeners out on weekends and the ever lengthening evenings. Seasonal gardening shops reopen for the spring. Just in the last week, all the trees have sprouted their green canopy in perfect syncronicty with the warm days.

Kelly started his veggie garden as a 'grow operation' under lights and warmed by a heater overnight in the garage. That way his seeds could get a head start during late winter and early spring. Otherwise the little plants are too vulnerable to the late freezes.

All transplants are doing well, and the swiss chard (silverbeet) just grew back where it was planted last year.

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