Sunday, March 15, 2009

Almost Spring

A busy school term has flown by, and Patrick’s Day is fast upon us. January was very cold with more snow and icy roads. I helped organize the Montana State Speech and Debate Tournament here in Billings, and after that my coaching responsibilities wound down, thankfully. Here are a few of the kids ready to make our last big road trip to Bozeman in January.

In February, I cashed in my Christmas present which was a spoily weekend with Kelly at Chiko Hot Springs. Nestled in mountains out of Livingston Montana, Chico makes use of geothermic hot spring water. There is an Olympic size swimming pool through which they pump the wonderfully hot water. It ends up being totally flushed every 8 hours. The hot water is then fed through a system of pipes and used to heat the accommodation. Kelly and I booked massages on the Saturday, followed by a long soak. Did I mention the poolside bar and my margarita? Amazing!

On Sunday we stopped in Immigrant for breakfast at the old saloon. I enjoyed a sensational American breakfast under the watchful gaze of no less than 10 mounted animal heads, mostly deer and elk.

Last night we celebrated the feast of St Patrick a few days early … we are too old to go to work with hangovers. It was wonderful fun. We over-catered of course. Plenty of corned beef and cabbage, beef and Guinness pie, smashed taters, and Sinead’s chocolate Guinness cupcakes.

Brothers Mick and Kelly

Sinead, Tera and Megan

Casey, Grandma and Evan

Fireside Chats

Now that I have finished some online study as well as Debate coaching, I have enrolled in quilting classes. My plan is to make a story quilt for our bed with Australian boomerang themed material and an American print to show our homes and hearts are entwined in two beautiful countries.

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