Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Pics

Admiring the view at West Rosebud River as it heads down to Emerald Lake

In Vegas with Justin and Sam for a great weekend

During the first week of school there was the "Bronc Bash" where clubs and sporting teams promoted themselves for the new Year 9 students (aka Freshmen). Here are the Varsity Singers on the front lawn of Senior High, promoting their talents.

Billings Senior High School is known as the home of the Broncs. The foam padded bronc mascot will be at all the games. The cheer leaders performed at the orientation day, but I hadn't thought to take my camera. I'm sure there will be lots more opportunities :)

We took Mum for a trip to Missoula to catch up with the beautiful Sinead. This is her on the patio of the Bed and Breakfast where we stayed, right by the Clarkfork River.

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