Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life in Billings

It’s normal that I don’t feel settled. Naturally, we have spent most of the first few days with family. When I have a social security number, a bank account, an American driver’s licence etc, my presence here will feel less like a holiday and more real. At least we have received our stuff. It’s now stored in the shed at Blue Creek (our property) thanks to Mick and Mike who helped Kelly move it.

Kelly and Mick at Blue Creek

The weather is rather erratic. I just went for a walk and it is lovely; it feels like 22 Celsius. However, yesterday when we were out a Blue Creek it was so cold it snowed! I’m sure it is the last remnants of cold weather as the grass is already turning green, although the trees still have their baldy winter look.

Nieces Emma and Kristen with me at Blue Creek

The temporary rental house we have is great. A charming historic house on the edge of down town, it has been nicely renovated. Casey has been here with us this week and it’s so great having him around.

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